17. December 2014

Chapter 13 – Gabriel

In Chapter 13, we view things through the eyes of Gabriel, the other genii, the lesser angel of Goodness, who sits on Nathan’s right shoulder and whispers Virtue into his ear. But, here, Goodness and Virtue don’t look anything like the sanitized Sunday School accounts of how to live a proper Christian life. Here, Goodness is happy to raise an angry shovel and use it to bash in the heads of those who would corrupt the righteous, yada, yada, yada. Click here to learn more about the serialized novel, Life In The Margins.

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10. December 2014

Chapter 12 – Asmodeus

Life In The Margins, by David Allan BarkerLife In The Margins: in chapter 12, we glimpse the inner workings of Asmodeus, one of the genii perched on Nathan’s shoulders, a lesser angel, now fallen, who whispers suggestions into Nathan’s left ear. The suggestions mount in intensity as Nathan witnesses the emerging relationship between Father Edson and a sex trade worker named Melanie. Learn more here about the serialized novel, Life In The Margins.

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7. December 2014

11th Installment – Life In The Margins

The 11th installment of Life In The Margins has two parts. First, there’s a short piece called Omniscience. The author interrupts the narrative to explain a few things. Probably, he’s anxious that reader’s won’t understand what motivates the characters. But that’s only a theory. Who knows what an author thinks? Second, there’s chapter 11, called De Profundies. The title is a mashup of a) Oscar Wilde’s famous meditation on imprisonment and b) my concern for underwear. This is the chapter when things start to heat up. Prepare yourselves for a shift from sex to murder.

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26. November 2014

Chapter 10 – An Elementary Solution to Fermat’s Last Theorem

The 10th installment of the serialized novel, Life In The Margins, can be read as a stand-alone story. So don’t worry if you’ve come late to the party. Just read and enjoy. In a single chapter, I whimsically re-imagine the plot of the entire novel and offer it here as a kind of kick-ass précis. Instead of a theologian, Barney is a famous mathematician. Instead of a grad student, Lydia is a delusional nurse. And instead of penning a grand piece of systematic theology, Barney solves the most elusive puzzle in all of mathematical history. But when Lydia gets her hands on the solution, everything turns to shit. Learn more about Life In The Margins here.

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19. November 2014

Chapter 9 – A Midsummer Night’s Rave

Welcome to the 9th installment of my serialized novel, Life In The Margins. As the title suggests, this chapter borrows heavily from Shakespeare’s similarly named play. But instead of a forest in Athens, we have an urban jungle in Toronto. Instead of Titania and Oberon, we have Rob Eno, who has a taste for statutory rape with his underaged girlfriend, Anita Ti. Instead of Puck, we have Jesse, who throws his giant parties with the help of his buddies, Nick and the mechanicals. And instead of a love potion, we have ecstasy. The wrong girl gets her drink spiked. Hilarity ensues … To learn more about the novel & to check out previous chapters, click here.

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14. November 2014

Chapter 8 – It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it

Barnabas Moynahan is dead and gone. The funeral finished, the wake over, the ashes scattered. To complete her academic requirements, Lydia needs a new thesis supervisor. Three men are possibilities, and each of these, for his part, is eager to ensure access to the posthumous writings that Lydia holds. In the spirit of Job, the grieving Lydia meets with each of the men. Each offers a consolation that reveals a pat account of the world. Lydia leaves feeling empty and despairing for her future. Learn more about the serialized novel Life In The Margins here. Next week, it’s chapter 9 – A Midsummer Night’s Rave.

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29. October 2014

Chapter 7 – Afloat on the Dead Sea

In which Lydia imagines herself as Raheel, the unsung (because (a) female and (b) imaginary) heroine of the Dead Sea Scrolls, who discovers reams of ancient and indecipherable text but has them snatched from her by powers beyond her control. In which she is no further along in her efforts to locate her mentor’s literary estate. Text snatched from her by powers beyond her control? In which she prepares for her first meeting with her mentor’s colleagues by trying on skimpy clothes. (So much for her feminist studies.) Learn more about the serialized novel, Life In The Margins, here.

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23. October 2014

Chapter 6 – Catechisms and Examinations

This is the 6th installment of Life In The Margins, a serialized novel about sex, murder, betrayal and … systematic theology. It opens with an interlude: the narrator’s having a bad day and doesn’t feel like writing someone else’s story. After that: chapter six. We’re still at it with the sex; the murder, betrayal and systematic theology have yet to rear their ugly heads. Here, we have Jesse and Lydia in bed together, but there’s an awful lot of talking for two people bent on sleeping together. The talking devolves into an argument and, well, the sex will have to wait for another chapter. Learn more about Life in the Margins here.

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16. October 2014

Chapter 5 – The Sphinx and the Riddle

Lydia makes her first attempt to get her hands on her mentor’s literary estate. She appears at the widow’s door, and although the widow is cooperative, together they confront a technical problem: they don’t know the password to Barney’s computer. It’s like a sphinx guarding its secret with a riddle they can’t answer. After countless failures, Lydia takes the computer’s hard drive to a tech shop. Despite guaranteed results, disaster strikes (an act of God?) and it seems that Barney’s unpublished writings may vanish forever. This is the 5th installment of the serialized novel, Life In The Margins. Learn more about the novel here.

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8. October 2014

Chapter 4 – Letters Probate

This is the 4th installment of the serialized novel, Life In The Margins. After meeting with his father, Jesse catches up with Lydia at a coffee shop. Together, they review the letter from the solicitor handling the late Barnabas Moynahan’s estate. The package includes a personal note from the deceased that raises questions about how he viewed his relationship to Lydia. Click here for more about the novel.

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1. October 2014

Chapter 3 – My Father’s House

“My Father’s House” is the third installment of the serialized novel, Life In The Margins. Jesse Winthrop, Sr. has summoned his son, Jesse Winthrop, Jr. to the family home for a chat about business etiquette. When Jesse, Jr. arrives, no one answers the door, so he enters through the window of his old bedroom. While helping himself to a carton of orange juice, a strange woman screams and tells him that she’s called the police. Jesse had no idea his father was seeing a woman. For her part, the woman had no idea her lover had a son. As police take Jesse, Jr. down in his childhood home, we witness the odd place he occupies, straddling races and cultures, simultaneously privileged and marginalized. Click here to learn more about Life In The Margins.

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24. September 2014

Chapter 2 – The Epistle of Lydia

In this, the second installment of Life In The Margins, Lydia Flanagan takes a letter to her boyfriend’s office. The letter informs her that she has been appointed executrix of her late mentor’s estate. She has no idea what that means and hopes she can get a legal explanation. While at the office, she meets her boyfriend’s associate, Ronald Green, who spends as much of his time crafting a Torah as he does practising law. While waiting for her boyfriend to show up, Mr. Green gives a “reading” of Lydia’s signature that makes her feel so uncomfortable she leaves. To learn more about Life In The Margins, click here. To read the previous chapter, click here.

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17. September 2014

Life In The Margins

Life In The Margins, by David Allan BarkerThis is the first installment of the serialized novel, Life In The Margins. Here, we have a short introduction and the first chapter. Look for a new chapter each Wednesday. All told, there are 40 chapters and some “interludes” along the way, so this will run for the better part of a year. Because the novel is large, I’ll publish it in two parts, each 20 chapters long. So what’s it all about? You can read more on the Life In The Margins page but, in a nutshell, it’s a larger-than-life postmodern tale of sex, murder, betrayal and … systematic theology. Yes, you read that right — systematic theology. If you’ve ever had a hankering to read about a shovel to the head on one page, and liberation theology on the next, then this is the novel for you. But be patient. There’s plenty of time for the murder, betrayal and systematic theology. First, let’s have some sex …

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15. August 2014

The Virgin’s Nose: 34 More Stories of Suburban Banality

The Virgin's Nose, by David Allan BarkerIf suburbia was a religion, The Virgin’s Nose would be its bible. Join us on a pilgrimage to the holy land of retirement homes, cul-de-sacs, backyard composters, beer fridges, neighbourhood grocery stores, big box outlets, online dating, reality TV, and dry cleaners. Along the way, we pay homage to the late David Foster Wallace when his novel, Infinite Jest, becomes a weapon in a brutal killing. An artist’s colonoscopy brings us face to face with a sublime wellspring of inspiration. A father contemplates life’s great mysteries when he discovers a severed finger in his vacuum cleaner. We learn of a secret aisle in Wal*Mart where you can pay less to … well … um live better? And we have the title piece, The Virgin’s Nose, where we travel to the Vatican to return a stolen relic. With 34 fresh stories, David Allan Barker’s second collection of short fiction continues a project he launched with Sex With Dead People – to seek out and share the most weirdly banal corners of this modern world we’ve made for ourselves. Download for free.

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28. July 2014

Introducing: http://davidbarker.photography

If you frequent these parts, you may have noticed that things have been quiet here at nouspique.com. Part of the reason for my neglect is that, when I heard that dot photography domain names had become available, I said to myself: I’ve gotta get me one of those. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I had a new web site on my hands. It’s http://davidbarker.photography — a space to feature my portfolio and to blog about my photo adventures. No, I haven’t abandoned nouspique.com. In fact, I have a couple projects that will soon be making an appearance here. In August, I’ll be launching a short story collection titled Cockroach Man. And in September, nouspique will become home to a serialized novel titled Life In The Margins with weekly posts that will run for a year. At first glance, it might seem a radical departure to blog words in one place and images in another, but I turn to Marshall McLuhan for guidance. He insisted that text is a visual medium. And so my new site is, in part, an experiment to test that theory, or at least to poke at the wreckage that happens when text collides with imagery.davidbarker.photography

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